Camijo Sock: Purpur
Camijo Sock: Purpur
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Camijo Sock: Purpur

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All profits from the sale of this particular yarn go to the Batwa people of Burundi. When buying one skein of yarn, a child can go to school or a whole family gets health insurance


Batwa Ubuntu - the dignity of a pygmy people

In the world's most unhappy country Burundi, the pygmy people "Batwa" are the most marginalized and poor. Originally, the Batwa people lived in the rainforests, but they were displaced due to wars, agriculture, nature conservation, and gorilla tourism. Batwa are the poorest of the poor in one of the poorest countries in the world. The "Batwa Ubuntu" development project lifts the "ubuntu" of the batwa people, which means dignity and connectedness.

Here from the world's happiest country Denmark we are a group of people who have chosen to follow and support the Batwa people. The profits from yarn sales go to the batwa village "Mburabushikanwa". It means: the place where nothing can grow. A hill where 32 batwa families through the development project get water, houses, clothes, health insurance, schooling and education in eg farming and animal husbandry. In the place where nothing can grow, the fields have begun to swell with corn, coffee plantations and grain. Dignity is about to return to one of the world's most impoverished peoples.

A Danish family who lives next door to "Mburabushikanwa" follows the work, the money and the development work on a daily basis. Among other things, they are establishing a cooperative movement for a brickworks, which will be able to provide the batwa people with an opportunity to support themselves. The dream is that the first batwa village we help and develop becomes a role model and resource for other batwa villages. Help to selfhelp. Dignity to dignity. Human to human.


Hand-dyed yarn that is suitable for socks but also for sweaters, shawls, hats, mittens etc.

80% Merino extra fine

20% polyamide

425m / 100g




Hand wash is recommended in wool detergent.

- All yarn is dyed by hand in small portions. All yarns are unique and there are small differences in tones, speckles and the distribution of color.

-Knitting more than one skein, it is recommended to switch between two skein at a time. This also avoids pooling, where the color settles in a stain in one place at work.